There are 7 Main Chakras

Crown Chakra ~ Spiritual, Superconsciousness~ Related to Christ Consciousness Mind-Set

Third Eye Chakra ~ Perception, Superconsciuosness~ Related to Intuition

Throat Chakra ~ Expression, Subconsious Mind~ Related to Speaking your Truth

Heart Chakra ~ Love, Subconscious Mind~ Related to the Giving and Receiving of Love

Solar Plexus ~ Power, Subconscious Mind~ Related to Control

Sacral Chakra ~ Creativity, Subconscious Mind~ Related to Appetite and Sensuality

Root Chakra ~ Survival, Conscious Mind~ Related to Position in Family, Career and Money

~Excerpt from Healing Cosmetologist Copyright © August 2014 Nicole Lee

Love and Light,

Nicole Lee


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“Favor is when Opportunity meets Preparation”~ NHF

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