“Here are some simple tools that have been very effective for me in conquering Anxiety and Fear:

-Meditate Day and Night with GOD- Creator and Controller of this Entire Universe
-White Sage
-Frankincense Incense
-Lavender Candle
-Classical, Relaxation Music
-Hyssop Tea
-Take a walk with Nature
-Deep Breathing
-Speak out-loud daily Positive Affirmations and the 37th Psalm
-Surround Self with Positive, Loving People

It’s a process. Every Individual is different. Ask and Seek your Higher Power for direction to CONQUER Fear and Anxiety! It’s all in the mind….”

Love and Light,

Nicole Lee
Author of “Healing Cosmetologist” http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/AuthorNicoleLee

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“Favor is when Opportunity meets Preparation”

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