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“Did you know that your hair is an antenna that transmits and receives thoughts outside of your 5 senses? It carries energy of vibrations within each strand, holding information about an individual’s spirit and is often transferred through the power of touch. Because of its connection to the head or Crown Chakra (energy space between the spirit and physical body), it is sensitive and can hold vital links to spiritual wisdom, knowledge and even healing.”

In this CEU Course, I will share how to ignite the power of heal touch, preservation and protection of one’s energy, positive salon spaces, self-care strategies, affirmations, goal setting and an introduction to a new creative way to increase your profits for your business!”

Includes: 5 hour Ohio Stateboard of Cosmetology Approved CEU certification, a healthy lunch, a “Don’t Touch My Hair” workbook and access to free parking!

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Insight 3: Sexual Soul-ties, Life Purpose and a Queen

“After intimacy, are you energetic or drained? Do you acquire insight on your goals or are your thoughts foggy? Are your thoughts positive or negative, are you happy or sad?  This will give you insight on WHAT type of energy you are intertwining with. These auras/energies leave a spiritual residue when in sexual contact or even a kiss (all liquids are transferable). If your partner doesn’t practice any type of cleansing (detox, juicing, herbal baths, daily affirmations, prayer, and meditation) you will acquire WHATEVER they embody mentally, physically, AND spiritually whether it be positive or negative.” ~”Insight” Copyright © 2016 Nicole Lee.  Order a copy TODAY!