Book 7: Wisdom of a Queen

“Looking back on all my journals from my teens until now, I realized that God has spoken thru all of my writing. Having the ability to write a thought beyond my own thinking is fascinating to me. The language that comes upon me in thought is not of my own, it comes from above. Being an open vessel to receive the thoughts of the Divine God Almighty is an honor and a blessing.”  Order a copy TODAY!!

Sexual Soul Ties Prayer

“Divine God, I call upon you to help me heal, let go, and cut the etheric cord that no longer serve my higher purpose. By the decision of my own free will, I ask you to go to the root and remove any etheric cord and loose me from every soul-tie of the dark side agents outside human form and any thought forms of negativity that I may cling to for my own physical satisfaction. I ask that all cords attached to me that are not aligned with love, light and positive intensions be released. List the names of all sexual connections that you have encountered:


Surround me with a healing light to protect me from future attachments from anyone else that may come along. Gift me with a strong discernment to help identify when such a spirit tries to come into my presence. I fill my heart chakra with love, light, and laughter, so it will not call the cord back. Ase!” ~ Excerpt from “Healing Cosmetologist” Copyright © 2015 Nicole Lee

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What is Polyenergetic?

“Polyenergetic is the ability to spread your energy to many.
During this shift we’re experiencing throughout the universe, it is very important that you share your energy with those who exchange the same vibrational frequency.
Pure intentions should be the goal to share and acquire good vibrations.
Question? So how can you tell if someone vibes the same frequency as you? If they UPLIFT your MOOD it is a POSITIVE vibration. If they FEED your FEARS it is a NEGATIVE vibration.
Vibrations can be felt during conversation or just standing next to someone.
Question? So how do I keep my vibration at a high positive frequency??
Spend more time around POSITIVE people, laughter, rest, daily positive affirmations, meditation, less TV and ALWAYS preserve energy for yourself to keep from being drained as you give!”

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Book #5 “How to Eradicate Emotional Paralysis- A Guide Book for Single Moms”

“In this book, I will share and offer tools to use to overcome the emotional paralysis that seems to manifest overtime during a single mother’s life journey.
This is one key component that keeps her from living a purposeful life.
This book is a guide and a tool to use and memorize when a negative emotion arises.
While reading this book, if you experience the specific emotion, repeat the remedy out-loud until the emotion disappears.
Repetition creates habit within the mind and spirit. Overtime, you will master how to eliminate negative emotions and thoughts.
When one is in control of their emotions it no longer controls you, which leaves you open to direction towards your goals and aspirations in life.”


Love and Light, Nicole

Sexual Soul-ties?

“What is a sexual soul-tie? A sexual soul-tie is like a linkage in the spiritual realm between two people. The ties or the energy links their souls together, which can bring fourth either beneficial results or negative results.”~ “INSIGHT” By Nicole Lee #Intimacy


“INSIGHT” Book #2 Coming Soon!

“INSIGHT” came into fruition while blogging about my first book, “Healing Cosmetologist”. During the journey, new titles to books and articles would ignite during my dream state of being. As I would write down the title, the message would just flow in my mind and I would begin to write. This writing journey is mystical and is linked to a higher source within the Universe.

God has spoken His truth to me:

“Baby girl, close down the Salon temporarily and worry not of ANY finances.  You and your children WILL be cared for during this transition.  I will return to you 100fold of blessings and favor upon you and your children and children’s children in generational favor; if only you would position yourself as a FULLTIME mom and begin writing books of your knowledge so that you will be financially, emotionally, and physically successful by way of your THOUGHTS. Intellectual property is the highest commodity.”~ “Healing Cosmetologist” Copyright 2015.

“INSIGHT” is composed of short stories about how to ignite blissful living.  These short stories are my personal testimonies of how I FINALLY found a joy within my spirit without anything external.  Love, joy, and peace comes from within.  Your inner self must be whole in order to live a blissful life. The physical self is temporary; the spiritual self is eternal. Once you capture the essence of your truest self, which is Spirit, life as a physical being becomes as eternal as Spirit; it becomes a marriage with Self – whole, pure, and enlightened!!”


Love and Light,
Nicole Lee