“The Power of Touch- more effective than man-made drugs…”

“The Power of Touch-more effective than man-made drugs…”

Are you a Resourceful Beauty Professional?

“When a client puts themselves in your styling chair, allowing you to use your skills to make them more beautiful (inside and out), they are usually showing a great deal of trust.

Focusing on healthy and positive thoughts as far as a Beauty Professional is concerned – is a must. Barber and Stylist, understand what exactly you are touching. The head/Crown CHAKRA (energy space between body and spirit) is the space that the barber/stylist touches constantly. You must be aware of the energy/power transferred from stylist to customer. When you become aware of this energy field, you will begin to draw customers in need of healing. Their Spirit recognizes your power before you do; that’s why one MUST protect their aura/space. You are a light and you draw ALL.

Once you begin to concentrate on this knowledge and you continue to do your very best work with your clients, you will see your skills improve and since you are the closest to your clients while they begin to beautify and feel better…you will see the immense difference the positive energy within you makes.

With this power, you have influence over your clients. With this power I suggest offering positive insight about their hair as well as their personal life. They’re sitting there, spilling out their most intimate emotions. You say you’re not a psychiatrist? Yes you are, and since this is the case, create your Salon to offer tools for personal insight.

Here are some suggestions for creating a Resourceful Salon:

1. Continued education is necessary for your skill and business success. Operating as a successful business, sharing product knowledge and retailing healthy hair and skin care products will keep your appointment book full.

2. Stay informed about what’s going on in the world. Study insight on the solutions to the World’s chaos. This creates great conversation and your clients will realize you are more than just a Beauty Professional. It’s ok to be Intelligent.

3. Create a space/library of knowledge for your clients as they evolve. Display reading material about Self-Improvement, Meditation and Relaxation, Financial Literacy, Health and Wellness, Herbal Remedies, Educational Resources, Wealth Building and Parenting Tools. Your clients will have an “Experience” at the Salon instead of an “Appointment”.

4. Place conversation games around your Salon near the reception and hair dryer area. This will ignite intellectual conversations thru-out the Salon among other clients. This will keep a positive and educational conversation flow instead of gossip.

This addition will separate you from surrounding competing Salons and draw an increase of business. Do more than just hair, skin and nails! Become a Salon that service the Body, Mind and Spirit-service the WHOLE person!”

Excerpts from “Healing Cosmetologist” Copyright © 2015 Nicole Lee.

“Beauty Professional Marketing” By Nicole Lee

“Everyone who has made the conscious decision to become a Beauty Professional should make a conscious decision to become successful!  The Hair and Beauty Business is a 12 Billion Dollar Industry. This trade is one of the few that is a recession proof business.  As long as you have the Desire, Talent and a Business Mind-Set, success will be upon you and your business!

Below is a list of suggested ideas, once put into action, you WILL become a successful Beauty Professional:

  • Define your specialty; whether it is that you are great at hair cutting, color, natural hair care or hair extensions.  Speak who you are!
  • Create a Business Plan: this is a road map that will guide you towards your goals.
  • YOU are your best advertisement – ALWAYS look your VERY best!  If you’re a Stylist, your hair should be styled ALL the TIME, if you’re a Nail Technician, your nails should look nice EVERYDAY, if you’re a Barber, your hair should be tight ALWAYS- hairline, beard, goatee- ALL of you!”
  • “Here’s my advice based on my experiences: Be a WALKING advertisement of what you represent… if you are a Cosmetologist, your HAIR, your CLOTHES, your JEWELRY, your SHOES and most definitely yo SWAGGER…. should ALWAYS be fly – A-L-W-A-Y-S!! Exude the Beauty from within!” ~excerpt from “Healing Cosmetologist” by Nicole Lee

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“Turn the TV OFF ” By Nicole Lee

“Your Salon space should be used for relaxation and freedom from the outside world. Your clients will appreciate a positive environment and this is an easy tool to not use, to keep the heavy flow of negative energy out of your Salon. In my experience, television is connected to a huge energy field. It is a telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images with or without accompanying sound. The energy from a television screen transmits and receives negative images, stories and news that speak FEAR to those watching. FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real. Your Salons should be a RELAXED atmosphere for your clients to be able to come and make them look and feel good; the television is a contradictory source of energy to your client’s experience.” ~excerpts from “Healing Cosmetologist”                                      

“In other words….TURN the TV OFF and play some RELAXING MUSIC!  Music SOOTHES the Soul!”

Love and Light,

Nicole Lee

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“Hair is an Antennae?” By Nicole Lee

“Did you know that your hair is an Antennae?  Well, let’s define this theory:

Hair is an extension of the nervous system, it can be correctly seen as exteriorized nerves, a type of highly evolved ‘feelers’ or ‘antennae’ that transmit vast amounts of important information to the brain stem, the limbic system, and the neocortex.” ~www.quantumbalancing.com

Hair is an appendage of the skin.   Hair carries energy (positive and negative) of vibrations within each strand, holding information about an individual’s Spirit and is often transferred through the power of touch.

The power of touch stimulates vibration.

As Cosmetologists, our hands have the power to heal. With you having a desire to be creative and a desire to TOUCH people, you have signed up for the desire to HEAL. Your hands are tools used to create. We create joy within one’s Spirit by making them look and feel better than they did before we TOUCHED them.

Cosmetologists have a power to influence people in a very real and positive manner. This truth belongs to all those with beauty and health profession. When a client puts themselves in your styling chair, allowing you to use your skills to make them more beautiful (inside and out),they are usually showing a great deal of trust.

Think about a day before becoming an aware Cosmetologist when you were feeling negative/angry or positive/happy. Look back on any appointments you have had in your schedule that day and try to remember if your client left feeling fabulous or not. Our bet is that on the days you felt your best-days you were feeling high levels of positive energy, it transferred from you to your client, and they too felt positive high levels of positive energy.

Because hair carries energy (positive and negative) of vibrations within each strand, when a Cosmetologist touch the Crown/Head of a client, the energy is transferable.  Because of this energy exchange, in my experience, Frankincense oil has been an effective tool to use as a covering (protection).

Beauty Professionals (Cosmetologist, Barbers, Nail Tech, Massage Therapist, Estheticians),  are very valuable to the uplifting of humanity.  With you having a desire to be creative and a desire to TOUCH people, you have signed up for the desire to HEAL.”

Love and Light,

Nicole Lee

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“The Salon Favor Experience”

Salon Favor is a place that appeals to all of the senses. The Afrocentric décor with colors of the earth and setting sun appeals to the eyes; the soft mixture of Neosoul and Christian music captivates the ears with anticipation of the next song. Instantly you will become aware of sweet smells coming from the hair products used to revitalize the hair of clients. Served is always your choice of herbal tea or coffee coupled with your choice of flavored creamer. Beverages at Salon Favor await your mouth to sip as you anticipate your name being called to this artist’s chair.

Stylist Nicole Lee is the artist who is putting into action the gift that GOD has given to her. She commands the curling iron to spin the hair into the direction that you visualized with your mind but could not quite put into words. This stylist’s gift allowed her to know exactly what you meant. She works the comb and shears like a maestro conducting an orchestra. When Nicole is finished you can’t help but touch your hair as you look at the beautiful crown that now adorns your head. You smile with satisfaction and joy! As you walk to your car, you see your reflection in the windows of the Salon and see how the sun shines on your beautifully coiffed hair. By now you realize that you have been touched by an artist that God has given gifted you. Nicole has been graced with the gift to beautify the crowns of his children filling them with the spirit of love, self-esteem and confidence He wants us to have.

You begin to get a little pep in your step and a twinkle in your eye because you know you get to experience this blessing again at your next already-scheduled appointment. This is what I experienced every time I came to Salon Favor and Nicole performed her talent on my hair. It was a wonderful time filled with professionalism, laughter, relaxation, perfection, and fun.

Nicole has a gift and she activates it, which certainly gives compliment to the Creator. What a blessing her gift has been to me.”

Thanks, Love Shar

FOREWORD in “Healing Cosmetologist” By Nicole Lee

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