Insight 3: Sexual Soul-ties, Life Purpose and a Queen

“After intimacy, are you energetic or drained? Do you acquire insight on your goals or are your thoughts foggy? Are your thoughts positive or negative, are you happy or sad?  This will give you insight on WHAT type of energy you are intertwining with. These auras/energies leave a spiritual residue when in sexual contact or even a kiss (all liquids are transferable). If your partner doesn’t practice any type of cleansing (detox, juicing, herbal baths, daily affirmations, prayer, and meditation) you will acquire WHATEVER they embody mentally, physically, AND spiritually whether it be positive or negative.” ~”Insight” Copyright © 2016 Nicole Lee.  Order a copy TODAY!

Book 7: Wisdom of a Queen

“Looking back on all my journals from my teens until now, I realized that God has spoken thru all of my writing. Having the ability to write a thought beyond my own thinking is fascinating to me. The language that comes upon me in thought is not of my own, it comes from above. Being an open vessel to receive the thoughts of the Divine God Almighty is an honor and a blessing.”  Order a copy TODAY!!

Sexual Soul Ties Prayer

“Divine God, I call upon you to help me heal, let go, and cut the etheric cord that no longer serve my higher purpose. By the decision of my own free will, I ask you to go to the root and remove any etheric cord and loose me from every soul-tie of the dark side agents outside human form and any thought forms of negativity that I may cling to for my own physical satisfaction. I ask that all cords attached to me that are not aligned with love, light and positive intensions be released. List the names of all sexual connections that you have encountered:


Surround me with a healing light to protect me from future attachments from anyone else that may come along. Gift me with a strong discernment to help identify when such a spirit tries to come into my presence. I fill my heart chakra with love, light, and laughter, so it will not call the cord back. Ase!” ~ Excerpt from “Healing Cosmetologist” Copyright © 2015 Nicole Lee

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Healing Beauty

“Chapter by chapter, Nicole gives insight on how to set up your personal space, tools and practices to incorporate into your daily routine as a Barber or Cosmetologist.” ~Healing Beauty” ~ “Healing Beauty” Copyright © 2018 Nicole Lee

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What is Polyenergetic?

“Polyenergetic is the ability to spread your energy to many.
During this shift we’re experiencing throughout the universe, it is very important that you share your energy with those who exchange the same vibrational frequency.
Pure intentions should be the goal to share and acquire good vibrations.
Question? So how can you tell if someone vibes the same frequency as you? If they UPLIFT your MOOD it is a POSITIVE vibration. If they FEED your FEARS it is a NEGATIVE vibration.
Vibrations can be felt during conversation or just standing next to someone.
Question? So how do I keep my vibration at a high positive frequency??
Spend more time around POSITIVE people, laughter, rest, daily positive affirmations, meditation, less TV and ALWAYS preserve energy for yourself to keep from being drained as you give!”

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