Warrior Moms Documentary in Film Festival!!

Warrior Moms Documentary screening Saturday August 25th 3pm @ The Woodward Theatre!! Get your tickets for the entire day, filled with more film screenings and festivities! #CindependantFilmFestival #WarriorMoms #PeoplesLiberty


Order tickets TODAY! https://www.cindependentfilmfest.org/tickets/

Book 7: Wisdom of a Queen

“Looking back on all my journals from my teens until now, I realized that God has spoken thru all of my writing. Having the ability to write a thought beyond my own thinking is fascinating to me. The language that comes upon me in thought is not of my own, it comes from above. Being an open vessel to receive the thoughts of the Divine God Almighty is an honor and a blessing.”  Order a copy TODAY!!

“INSIGHT” Book #2 Coming Soon!

“INSIGHT” came into fruition while blogging about my first book, “Healing Cosmetologist”. During the journey, new titles to books and articles would ignite during my dream state of being. As I would write down the title, the message would just flow in my mind and I would begin to write. This writing journey is mystical and is linked to a higher source within the Universe.

God has spoken His truth to me:

“Baby girl, close down the Salon temporarily and worry not of ANY finances.  You and your children WILL be cared for during this transition.  I will return to you 100fold of blessings and favor upon you and your children and children’s children in generational favor; if only you would position yourself as a FULLTIME mom and begin writing books of your knowledge so that you will be financially, emotionally, and physically successful by way of your THOUGHTS. Intellectual property is the highest commodity.”~ “Healing Cosmetologist” Copyright 2015.

“INSIGHT” is composed of short stories about how to ignite blissful living.  These short stories are my personal testimonies of how I FINALLY found a joy within my spirit without anything external.  Love, joy, and peace comes from within.  Your inner self must be whole in order to live a blissful life. The physical self is temporary; the spiritual self is eternal. Once you capture the essence of your truest self, which is Spirit, life as a physical being becomes as eternal as Spirit; it becomes a marriage with Self – whole, pure, and enlightened!!”


Love and Light,
Nicole Lee






“War Paint and Blush” By Nicole Lee

“War Paint in Africa and Native American traditions symbolizes tribal identity, preparation for battle and levels of power.

In modern day, Blush is a pigment that accents the cheek bone, which represent beauty.

Single Mothers are “The ICON of Beauty, Power and Strength”!

We apply War Paint to our entire bodies everyday! This symbolizes our protection from the energy that may cause harm and that tries to dwell within our children.

In my experience, War Paint and Blush is in the form of: Prayer, Positive Affirmations, Frankincense Oil, Sage, Healing Stones, and Love.

Here’s a Spiritual Covering Prayer to memorize and speak out-loud that will become a force of protection for you and your children:

“By the Power and Authority of the Divine Source of all that is: I now command and give full permission, as the Master of this space; all interference of all negativity in all forms and on all levels, be now evicted and removed from this dwelling and land and air surrounding it.  Place a golden grid to surround and support this sacred space.  Align and regenerate this space to the sacred stars of Health, Wealth, and Love!” ~Divinity Spiritual Church

“My grandmothers were strong.  They followed plows and bent to toil.  They moved through fields sowing seed.  They touched earth and grain grew.  They were full of sturdiness and singing.  My grandmothers were strong.” ~ Margaret Walker Alexander


“How to successfully FIGHT against Spiritual Warfare???” By Nicole Lee

“How to successfully fight against Spiritual Warfare?” By Nicole Lee

“MOTHERHOOD- The New Sexy”