“The Power of Touch- more effective than man-made drugs…”

“The Power of Touch-more effective than man-made drugs…”

“”Energy Space between Body and Spirit” By Nicole Lee

                      There are 7 Main Chakras

Crown Chakra ~ Spiritual, Superconsciousness~ Related to Christ Consciousness Mind-Set

Third Eye Chakra ~ Perception, Superconsciuosness~ Related to Intuition

Throat Chakra ~ Expression, Subconsious Mind~ Related to Speaking your Truth

Heart Chakra ~ Love, Subconscious Mind~ Related to the Giving and Receiving of Love

Solar Plexus ~ Power, Subconscious Mind~ Related to Control

Sacral Chakra ~ Creativity, Subconscious Mind~ Related to Appetite and Sensuality

Root Chakra ~ Survival, Conscious Mind~ Related to Position in Family, Career and Money

~Excerpt from Healing Cosmetologist Copyright © August 2014 Nicole Lee

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“Favor is when Opportunity meets Preparation”~ NHF

“Beauty Professional Marketing” By Nicole Lee

“Everyone who has made the conscious decision to become a Beauty Professional should make a conscious decision to become successful!  The Hair and Beauty Business is a 12 Billion Dollar Industry. This trade is one of the few that is a recession proof business.  As long as you have the Desire, Talent and a Business Mind-Set, success will be upon you and your business!

Below is a list of suggested ideas, once put into action, you WILL become a successful Beauty Professional:

  • Define your specialty; whether it is that you are great at hair cutting, color, natural hair care or hair extensions.  Speak who you are!
  • Create a Business Plan: this is a road map that will guide you towards your goals.
  • YOU are your best advertisement – ALWAYS look your VERY best!  If you’re a Stylist, your hair should be styled ALL the TIME, if you’re a Nail Technician, your nails should look nice EVERYDAY, if you’re a Barber, your hair should be tight ALWAYS- hairline, beard, goatee- ALL of you!”
  • “Here’s my advice based on my experiences: Be a WALKING advertisement of what you represent… if you are a Cosmetologist, your HAIR, your CLOTHES, your JEWELRY, your SHOES and most definitely yo SWAGGER…. should ALWAYS be fly – A-L-W-A-Y-S!! Exude the Beauty from within!” ~excerpt from “Healing Cosmetologist” by Nicole Lee

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“Turn the TV OFF ” By Nicole Lee

“Your Salon space should be used for relaxation and freedom from the outside world. Your clients will appreciate a positive environment and this is an easy tool to not use, to keep the heavy flow of negative energy out of your Salon. In my experience, television is connected to a huge energy field. It is a telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images with or without accompanying sound. The energy from a television screen transmits and receives negative images, stories and news that speak FEAR to those watching. FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real. Your Salons should be a RELAXED atmosphere for your clients to be able to come and make them look and feel good; the television is a contradictory source of energy to your client’s experience.” ~excerpts from “Healing Cosmetologist”                                      

“In other words….TURN the TV OFF and play some RELAXING MUSIC!  Music SOOTHES the Soul!”

Love and Light,

Nicole Lee

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“Inner Peace” By Nicole Lee

“The sense of touch has a high frequency of energy that affects a person’s whole entire aura (the energy that surrounds a person). Any external source of positive energy can cause you to ‘feel’ love, joy and peace; while negative energy can cause you to ‘feel’ depressed, angry, or fearful.

Entities (spirits) are very easy to pick up from anywhere; they latch on to us when we become very vulnerable negatively and open as a weakened Spirit.

A weakened Spirit is open to negative forces, especially if the physical being is not in control of their OWN mind; for that is where the enemy has the ability to control you.

When we are feeling low, our vibrations are lower and we become easy targets for negative forces. When we are happy, our vibrations are higher, and we are easy targets for positive forces.

When vibrations rise with positive vibrations, you will begin to desire happiness, love, joy and peace. A continuation of this practice will ignite this gift of discernment and you will begin to discern the difference between energy frequency changes; positive vs negative.

This is why it is important to feed (read,apply and practice with understanding), your Spirit with:  The Word of God, Speak outloud Positive Affirmations, Practice Meditation daily and ignite the Gift of Discernment- in order to ward off negative surrounding seen and unseen Entities”. ~”Healing Cosmetologist”  Copyright © 2015 Nicole Lee.

And THIS is the beginning of  Manifesting – “INNER PEACE”

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