“How to successfully FIGHT against Spiritual Warfare???” By Nicole Lee

“How to successfully fight against Spiritual Warfare?” By Nicole Lee

“Suggested Tools to Conquer FEAR and ANXIETY!!”

“Here are some simple tools that have been very effective for me in conquering Anxiety and Fear:

-Meditate Day and Night with GOD- Creator and Controller of this Entire Universe
-White Sage
-Frankincense Incense
-Lavender Candle
-Classical, Relaxation Music
-Hyssop Tea
-Take a walk with Nature
-Deep Breathing
-Speak out-loud daily Positive Affirmations and the 37th Psalm
-Surround Self with Positive, Loving People

It’s a process. Every Individual is different. Ask and Seek your Higher Power for direction to CONQUER Fear and Anxiety! It’s all in the mind….”

Love and Light,

Nicole Lee
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“Favor is when Opportunity meets Preparation”

“Sexual Soul-Ties, Life Purpose and a Queen” By Nicole Lee

“What is a sexual soul-tie? A sexual soul-tie is like a linkage in the spirit realm between two people. The ties or the energy, links their souls together, which can bring fourth either beneficial results or negative results.” ~ Excerpt from “Healing Cosmetologist” By Nicole Lee

Now, I place no judgement on anyone when it comes to choosing WHO you desire to share intimacy with. Intimacy,Sex, Love, Lust, Attraction..whatever you wanna call it, it’s REAL and it is BEAUTIFUL…with the RIGHT one!

I adore sexual intimacy. I’ve always had high sexual energy from my teenage years until NOW!  Yet, as I’ve matured, I began experiencing the effects of the one thing I found to be energetic and very satisfying.

It all started, as a single woman, how the interactions with men became a blah. I later learned, it was beyond just disconnection…it was my spirit warning me not to be involved with this particular person. Signal of UNEQUALLY yoked being.

Because of my awakened awareness, I began to seek and study about the energy of sex:

“The emotion of sex cannot be entirely suppressed, but it can be sublimated. It can be diverted in such a way that it becomes a truly irresistible power for action toward one’s goals in life….When the emotion of love, which is psychic, is blended with the emotion of sex, which is physical, an influence or power is generated which steps up the vibration rate of every cell in the body. These emotions are the handiwork of nature, instruments through which the Creator provided for perpetuation of life.” ~Excerpt from “Healing Cosmetologist” by Nicole Lee via NHF

From this study, I learned that sex is energy and can be used towards achieving my destiny and also sex when combined with LOVE can be healing for both participants.

So I thought, wow, God truly created this practice truly for a reason.

As I began to study and apply these new beliefs, my gifts became more heightened.

Discovery as the Queen I AM when it comes to sex I discovered an AWESOME ability that ALL WOMAN have if they would just tap into their POWER and recognize who they are- We are natural born HEALERS. This is the TRUE ability of a QUEEN: “As woman, you have a gift, a power to process the needs of man by ways of sexual contact. Having this ability is rewarding for the man, God has for you, a husband.” ~ Excerpt from Healing Cosmetologist” By Nicole Lee

Queen, when you encounter with man sexually and the eruptions of his semen enters your womb, you are receiving information about him and his needs. As you absorb him, you will have the ability to: build him up, speaking life into him, help him with his business or career, give him insight on his health and what to take to keep him balanced naturally and bring light to his life. This is OUR power when used according to God the Creator of it ALL.

Now of course, this works in a COMMITTED relationship among the two, who have agreed honestly that they LOVE each other and are ONE.

As King pours himself into Queen and she gives him what he needs, he will perform much greater as King and head of his household. Kingdom Man is who He will become. Law of Cause and Effect.

God has given me a tool that can be used to conquer this battle, prepare for a King or renew the King you currently desire to spend the rest of your life with:

“Divine God, I now release all covenants and curses of darkness that I have made liable by my own actions or by the actions of others that I allowed to happen. By the decision of my own free will, Divine God, in the name of Jesus, I ask you to go to the root and remove any etheric cord and loose me from every soul-tie of Satan or any of the dark side agents outside human form and any thought forms of negativity that I may cling to for my own physical satisfaction. List the names of ALL sexual connect that you have encountered and allowed into your space and say OUTLOUD their names and speak: “Divine God, in the name of Jesus, I also ask that you go to each of the named spirits and remove the etheric cord and loose them from me and me out from them. Gift me with a strong discernment to help identify when such a spirit tries to come into my presence. I consciously, subconsciously and super-consciously accept this manifest!” ~ Excerpt from “Healing Cosmetologist” By Nicole Lee

Now that you have spoken to the Universe about this, you will acquire a heighten sense of intuition.  Women is the Subconscious Mind of God.

This is real talk, sometimes one must use this tool several times because the etheric cord is so strong, from phone calls to thoughts to dreams….that cord can show up anytime, any where.

Become aware of this: Pay attention to who you share your intimacy energy with. After intimacy, are you energetic or drained, do you acquire insight on your goals or are your thoughts foggy, are your thoughts positive or negative, are you happy or sad?

This will give you insight on WHAT type of energy you are intertwining with. These aura/energies leave a spiritual residue/debris when in sexual contact or even a kiss (all liquids are transferable). If your partner doesn’t practice any type of cleansing (detox, juicing, herbal baths, daily affirmations, prayer & meditation) you will acquire WHATEVER they embody Mentally, Physically AND Spiritually whether it be positive or negative.

Imagine the confused aura/energy of one who has multiple sexual partners…one is carrying MULTIPLE energies around with them.

This CONFUSION can be the BLOCK of recognizing WHAT your Life Purpose is.  This is why  “Sexual Soul-ties has an effect on your Life Purpose”.

Knowledge is power.  Just be aware.  Your destiny is your blessing. Connect with someone who will assist you towards your Life Purpose. Allow God to guide you and pray that he will continue to cover you at your weakest moments. I truly believe, God has gifted us with a Purpose, a Purpose to create Peace on Earth. Begin to desire what that Purpose is, surround yourself with like-minded, like -spirited people that will be a blessing to you not a hindrance.

I send Love and Light to you all!
Love and Light,

Nicole Lee
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“Favor is when Opportunity meets Preparation”

“A Spiritual being is the spirit/soul from within the physical body.  Our physical body is nothing more than a vehicle..our truest self, our core of being IS our spirit!

Before we were born, we made an agreement in the spiritual realm as spirit to come to Earth and bring forth a specific purpose.

We all are here for a purpose.

As we were snuggled in our mother’s womb…influences began to evolve from our mother’s and father’s historical imprint.

As our mother gave birth…our journey of life began.

Our influences began to evolve from who we “should” be… from our home setting (positive or negative), our mother, father or care givers influences of their own experiences became our belief that we to will experience.

Influence from school, our teachers and friends…

We began to mold into who we should be by our response from these influences.

Our belief systems began to evolve based on the teachings from church or whatever our parents or care givers believed…

Now we’re in the young adult stage….our emotions begin to guide our choices- from who we fall in love with, sex, career choices, marriage to parenting.

Decisions, decisions…..all these ideas and influences!

Now we’re adults and our inner core is crying out!  Now we begin to question..WHO am I?

Most times, based on our decisions made along the journey, usually to make someone else happy, we have created a life that we never desired.

So now we desire change, yet we have baggage…from bills, dysfunctional relationships, children, jobs we don’t care for, and on and on….

Now what?  I’m glad u asked.

This is a wonderful space to be in…your inner core/spirit wants to come out and shine.  Your inner core/spirit desires to operate as agreed the day you were born!!!

We are all here for a purpose!  God has created us for greatness! Yes, all of us! We were created in the image of God,  which means we are co-creators, we have the power to create!

I encourage you to seek what that purpose is…reached deep down within, meditate and ask God to guide you to find what it is.  It’s a process…but its rewarding when you begin to walk in it!!

I truly believe if everyone would just have the desire to walk in their purpose and truly act on it…this world we live in would become Heaven on Earth!

Light is what this world is moaning for Love, Joy and Peace, we so desperately need- right Now!!

So I encourage you…go within, talk with your higher source and become the LIGHT!!  No matter what your belief system is, we are all connected to the main energy source, creator of all- God the Divine Intelligence.

I believe there is truth in all religions.  I believe there are many paths to God.

We are Spiritual Beings Having Human Experiences…let’s begin to experience blissful living, even in a world full of chaos and darkness.  Let’s begin collectively and consciously to create the Garden of Eden … it is a mindset that can be created in physical form!!  Heaven on Earth is the desire!!  Become the Light of the World.” ~Nicole Lee

I send love and light to you all!

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